Bob's Big Boy, West Covina - 1976

I took the photograph at the top back in 1977 along with a few other shots of the area that day. Looking back, I wish I took more pictures of those places that are long gone now. Bob's Big Boy was just south of the I-10, where Applebees is now. It remained here until the early 1990's. The photographs below were taken by Louise Helmers back on the day when the West Covina Historical Society was trying to save the large neon sign of Bob's. Lousie Helmers was standing across the street while the crane was taking down the sign. I knew it was a "historical moment" that needed to be documented somehow, said Louise. The bottom photo is one of the crane operators attaching cables to the sign. When the sign fell, That lady in front of the location was from the historical society, standing in the front, you could see her fall to the ground with her head in her hands, screaming "Noooo........noooo......n​oooo!!!! I even cried, said Louise :'(